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About Elizabeth Shafer
Board of Directors, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy

Elizabeth Shafer

Elizabeth J. Shafer, J.D., was a Vice-President of the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy from 2008 to 2016, and has been a Board member since 1994. She was a Drafter of the 1997 Model Nuclear Weapons Convention. She has written papers on various nuclear subjects: "Nuclear Development and Civil Liberties: International Implications" (1981) ; "Recommendations Toward an International Consensus for Radioactive Waste Disposal, for a Nuclear Weapons Convention"(1996); "Effects and Cause: Mens Rea, or Knowledge of the Effects of Nuclear Weapons as a Factor of Individual Criminal Responsibility in the Statute for the International Criminal Court"(1998); "Circling Beasts: The Exigency of Abolishing Nuclear Weapons; the Convergence of Pragmatism and International Humanitarian Law" (1999) ; "Catch-2000: Heller's Complex Humor" (2000); "Nuclear Risks: Necessity and Illegality" (2005). In addition, she is the author of "Good Faith Negotiation, the Nuclear Disarmament Obligation of Article VI of the NPT, and Return to the International Court of Justice," a paper she first presented at a 2006 IALANA conference in 2006, and which was subsequently published as one of four articles in Legal Obligation to Nuclear Disarmament? (IALANA 2009). She is a graduate of the City University of New York Law School at Queens College.



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