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No Nuclear Weapons. Why Not?

NYTimes Letter, Published: May 16, 2009. Located at:

In response to “The Trouble With Zero,” by Philip Taubman (Week in Review, May 10):


To the Editor:

“The Trouble With Zero” states that the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty “has proved ineffectual in moving the world toward nuclear disarmament.” It does not, however, say that a major cause of this stalemate has been the continuing lack of compliance by the United States, and the other nuclear weapon states, with the obligation of Article VI of the treaty to negotiate in good faith toward complete nuclear disarmament.

But in a message sent earlier this month to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty meeting at the United Nations, President Obama assured the delegates of his commitment to take concrete steps to “seek the peace and security of a world free of nuclear weapons.” This is a significant change from the past.

Peter Weiss
Elizabeth J. Shafer
New York, May 10, 2009

The writers are, respectively, the president and vice president of the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy.

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