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Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation: 

Kucinich Versus Bush - The ABM Treaty Lawsuit

Legal Papers:


Complaint for Declaratory Relief re: Termination of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty - filed 6/11/02   pdf-file

Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment, including brief (pdf)

Declaration of Representative Dennis J. Kucinich in Support of Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment (pdf)

Klimaski Affidavit in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment , listing exhibits (pdf)

Plaintiffs' Exhibit 1 (pdf)
Plaintiffs' Exhibit 2 (pdf)
Plaintiffs' Exhibit 3 (pdf)
Plaintiffs' Exhibit 4 (pdf)
Plaintiffs' Exhibit 5 (pdf)
Plaintiffs' Exhibit 6 (pdf)
Plaintiffs' Exhibit 7 (pdf)

Plaintiffs' Opposition to Motion of Senator Kyl et al. to File An Amicus Brief (pdf)

Plaintiffs' Opposition to Defendants' Motion to Dismiss or, in the Alternative, for Summary Judgment (pdf)

Plaintiffs' Reply to Defendants' Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment (pdf)



Defendants' Motion to Dismiss (pdf)

Defendants' Brief in Support of Motion to Dismiss (pdf)

Exhibits to Defendants' Motion to Dismiss (pdf)

Defendants' Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment (pdf)

Defendants' Response Regarding Material Facts (pdf)

Defendants' Reply to Plaintiffs' Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (pdf)


October 31, 2002 Hearing:

Transcript of October 31, 2002 Hearing


Decision on Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Summary Judgment

Memorandum Opinion, U.S. District Court, December 30, 2002 (pdf)


The President, the Constitution and the ABM Treaty by Peter Weiss, February 5, 2002 pdf-file

Judge Bates’ Decision In Kucinich v. Bush: Is the Glass Half Empty Or Half Full? by Peter Weisss, January 10, 2003

Press Releases and News Articles:

"No Appeal in ABM Treaty Case", Arms Control Today, March 2003

Press Release on U.S. District Court Decision, January 1, 2003 pdf-file

"U.S. Lawmakers Consider Appeal Over Court Ruling on Weapons Pact" by Jim Lobe, OneWorld.net, January 3, 2003

"Kucinich v. Bush" by Matt Bivens, The Nation, November 5, 2002

Press Release on October 31 Hearing (pdf)

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