Big Radioactive Landmines:
Canada NWC Tour


Big Radioactive Landmines, a nuclear weapons convention (NWC) promotion tour organized by the Simons Foundation, visited 11 cities across Canada this September to speak with politicians, government officials, law students, law faculty, media and citizens organizations.

Merav Datan (IPPNW/UN Coordinator), Penelope Simons (Vice-President of Lawyers for Social Responsibility) and Alyn Ware (Consultant at Large, LCNP), gave presentations at law schools, public meetings and private meetings outlining the implications of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on nuclear weapons, international progress towards a NWC and elements of the Model NWC which has been circulated as a discussion document by the United Nations.

The tour aimed to educate about the illegality of nuclear weapons and discuss the need for a comprehensive approach to nuclear disarmament, similar to the approach taken in the Landmines Convention which was led by Canada.

A key point made in the tour was that focusing on a nuclear weapons convention has the advantages of both an incremental process, which looks at the steps leading towards disarmament, and a comprehensive approach, which considers the entire regime required for abolition. In that way, it is somewhat like a palindrome (see cartoon), which can be read from beginning to end (left to right) or from the end of the process looking back to the beginning (right to left).

wpe3.jpg (21128 bytes)Made by Anabel Dwyer

Big Radioactive Landmines Tour across Canada demonstrates new palindrome linking the comprehensive approach of a nuclear weapons convention with the disarmament steps of the New Agenda Coalition and an activated public.


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