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Nuclear Abolition Forum

Dialogue on the Process to Achieve and Sustain a Nuclear Weapons Free World

A valuable resource for education and advocacy, the inaugural issue features articles by LCNP and other experts examining the humanitarian approach to the abolition of nuclear weapons

Issue No. 1, 2011, 52 pp.
$5 incl. S&H
Nuclear Abolition Forum

Articles include:
• Peter Weiss, How Many Points of the Law is Possession?
• Randy Rydell, The United Nations and a Humanitarian Approach to Nuclear Disarmament
• Gro Nystuen, Ethical Guidelines of the Norwegian Petroleum Fund
• Sameer Kanal/Bruce Blair, Risks Arising from Peacetime Nuclear Operations
• Nicholas Grief, Nuclear Weapons: the Legal Status of Use, Threat and Possession
• John Burroughs, The Vancouver Declaration and the Humanitarian Imperative for Nuclear Disarmament

Please make check payable to Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy
866 UN Plaza, Suite 4050, New York, NY 10017

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