Landmine Ban Grows


At the First Meeting of the States Parties to the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty, held in Maputo, Mozambique, May 3-7, 1999, it was reported that 135 states have signed the treaty, and 81 have ratified it. The treaty entered into force on March 1. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines presented the 1,100 page Landmine Monitor Report 1999, which provides a detailed country-by-country report on all aspects of compliance with the treaty. A surprise finding was that world-wide stocks of landmines are much greater than previously estimated - 250 million rather than 100 million. However, progress in demining and mine destruction is being made, with 12 million destroyed from the stockpiles of 30 nations. Most important is the cut in production of mines, with eight of the twelve largest producers of landmines now parties to the treaty and exports from producers virtually halted.

The US continues to refuse to join the landmines ban. A statement to the conference from President Clinton said merely that the US will "sign by 2006 if we have replacement weapons."

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