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Alyn Ware, formerly the Executive Director of LCNP, has returned to his home country, Aotearoa-New Zealand, following the expiration of his US work permit. Alyn has been appointed LCNP Consultant at Large and will continue part-time work on LCNP projects and issues including the nuclear weapons convention, Abolition 2000, and the Middle Powers Initiative. He plans to return to NY for key disarmament events. In addition, he will be assisting Peace Brigades International establish a peace team in East Timor, leading peace education in New Zealand schools, spending time with his daughter, and learning the Maori language (indigenous language of Aotearoa).


John Burroughs, formerly an attorney for Western States Legal Foundation, has joined LCNP as Executive Director. John was the NGO legal coordinator for IALANA, LCNP's parent body, during the November 1995 hearings before the International Court of Justice on the legality of nuclear weapons, and subsequently wrote a book for IALANA on the advisory opinion. His 1991 Ph.D. dissertation at the University of California at Berkeley examines the international law framework for nuclear weapon policy and protest. When time permits, John plays tennis and  hikes.

John Burroughs at Smolny Institute, St. Petersburg, addressing Centennial Conference, June 24, 1999
Photo by Jackie Cabasso


Jim Wurst, formerly the editor of Disarmament Times, has joined LCNP in the halftime position of Program Director. Jim combines this with his other halftime position as United Nations coordinator for the Middle Powers Initiative. Jim has considerable experience monitoring disarmament initiatives in the United Nations and with the international campaign to limit small arms. Jim and his wife Rosa are currently adopting a child.

                   Jim Wurst



Olubukola (Olu) Arowolo
has joined LCNP as the administrator, a part-time position. She also works part-time for World Order Models Project, a partner with LCNP in a number of projects including the World Court Project and Global Action to Prevent War. Olu is a graduate of Long Island University.


         Olubukola Arowolo

Giovanni Nifosė, LCNP's Legal Researcher for the past year, left at the end of August to return to Italy to work with IALANA lawyer Joachim Lau. He has developed  databases of court cases and articles which refer to the ICJ advisory opinion on nuclear weapons. We thank Giovanni for his work and wish him the best of luck


           Giovanni Nifosė


Nya Gregor Fleron,
formerly the LCNP administrator, has returned to her home country of Denmark following the expiration of her US work permit. Nya completed her first book, Above the Underground, a novel about life in New York in the mid 21st Century, and has now started work on her next one.



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