Abolition 2000 Update


Abolition 2000, an international network calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons, held its annual meeting in The Hague following the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in May 1999. The main results of the meeting were:

  • March 1-8 are deemed Global Abolition Days, a week of action for the elimination of nuclear weapons;

  • An Abolition 2000 "Call for the New Millenium" was drafted. This bold, short and inspiring statement is an excellent tool for engaging people in nuclear abolition and Abolition 2000. (Contact LCNP or our website www.LCNP.org for a copy to give to friends, acquaintances, etc.);

  • A Coordinating Committee and a Global Council were established.  For LCNP, Alyn Ware is one of the nine members of the Coordinating Committee, and John Burroughs and board member Anabel Dwyer are on the Global Council;

  • A calendar of other disarmament days was produced.

1400 organizations have now endorsed the Abolition 2000 Statement. It is hoped that this number will rise to 2000 by the year 2000. For more information contact Abolition 2000, 1187 Coast Village Road #123, Santa Barbara, CA 93108.




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