Judge Weeremantry:
Peace as a "Hard Legal Concept"


Judge Christopher G. Weeramantry spoke to a peace education seminar of the Hague Appeal for Peace on March 7 in New York. Judge Weeramantry just concluded his tenure on the International Court of Justice in The Hague, where he served for the last two years as Vice-President. He told the seminar that peace is a human right because it is the foundation for other rights, and that peace - a "hard legal concept" - is attainable only through respect for international law. On March 6, in a speech to the New York City Bar Association arranged by LCNP, he explained the illegality of threat or use of nuclear weapons in all circumstances - the subject of his magisterial dissent to the ICJ's advisory opinion. On March 4, along with Peter Weiss, LCNP president, he spoke to a conference on Legal Perspectives of the Nuclear Debate at Michigan State University College of Law in East Lansing. Anabel Dwyer, Michigan lawyer and LCNP board member, helped to organize the conference and was also a speaker.


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